About Us

We here at Alenion are a company that offers healthy and delicious snacks. We are passionate about what we do and adhere to the highest standards of quality.

Our Roots

Alenion was founded in the summer of 2018 by Julian Berhang and his wife Elena. Elena comes from Greece, from the beautiful region of Pilio with its capital Volos.

The region is known for its rugged mountains, remote valleys, picturesque villages and beautiful coves and beaches. This results in an ideal climate for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. Fruits like apples, cherries, apricots, oranges, strawberries, lemons, pomegranates but also olives, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants and peppers.

Elena’s family shares the proud tradition of fruit and vegetable cultivation common to the region. And this has played an important role in the creation of Alenion’s first fruit snack, Yammbits Fruit Balls. Yammbits Fruit Balls are the first product of Alenion GmbH.

The Idea

The idea of Yammbits was born for one simple reason: the sheer lack of healthy snacks.

Eating between main meals is quite normal and is even recommended by nutrition experts. Moreover, we are all familiar with the desire for something sweet, be it as a treat, as a distraction, or to relax after work.

Of course, there are healthy alternatives to gummy bears and chocolate, such as dried fruit or nuts. But more often than not, these cannot really satisfy a craving. We crave a delicious snack, while reason forces us to choose something healthy. The problem was that one seemed to exclude the other.

That is why, during the apricot harvest in Greece, we invented Yammbits Fruit Balls. There were just too many ripe, sweet and delicious apricots at the same time, more than one could eat. Of course, you can make apricot jam and preserve them in a can. But apricot jam as a healthy snack? Canned apricots as a snack? Not really.

 Equipped with inspiration, patience and a love of cooking, we started to experiment. And at some point, after many attempts, our first fruit snacks emerged.

They were healthy and tasty, with the full flavor of the ripe apricot, and yet durable, easy to transport and easy to eat.

And so, the idea was born to offer Fruit Balls as a healthy fruit snack for those who like to indulge in delicious snacks and still eat healthy.

Yammbits Fruit Balls are

Organic 100%
Raw 100%
Vegan 100%
Natural sweetness from fruit 100%
Delicious 100%
Added Sugar 0%
Preservatives 0%
Palm Oil 0%
Gluten and Lactose 0%
Artificial Flavors 0%

Our Quality

At Alenion, we adhere to the highest standards in terms of the quality of our products.

  • We are constantly trying to improve and expand our existing product range.
  • Our goal is to satisfy our customers in the long term.
  • Yammbits uses only the best organic raw materials.
  • We consciously decided not to use any palm oil.
  • For our packaging we utilize tray made of 80% recycled plastic (PET)
  • We treat our employees the way we would want to be treated.

Sustainability is our goal

We care a lot about being sustainable. Not only because Elena studied environmental science. It is just very important to us to leave our children a world which is as intact as possible. Protecting the environment is surely most important. But sustainability also means to take care of our society, our employees and other stakeholders.

We have been thinking a lot about environmental protection these past few months.  Because it is not that easy to strike the balance between creating a product which is truly sustainable yet attractive for the consumer. From taste to price, everything needs to be carefully weighed and considered. We all want to live sustainably but yet buy affordable products. So, all of us are constantly faced with having to make careful choices.

Here is our solution for Yammbits:

  • We decided to source and to produce organically. It is more expensive, but it is worth using raw ingredients that are minimally treated and do not harm the environment
  • We decided to completely avoid any palm oil products. Organic palm oil is available, but no one can guarantee that there was no rain forest which had to be cut down for it. Instead, we use cashew puree. It tastes better and is full of healthy minerals.
  • For the packaging tray, we decided to utilize 80% recycled plastic. This decision was particularly hard because there are so many possibilities that we tested and discussed. What were our thoughts? While there are alternatives to plastic already made from natural resources, e.g. PLA (a cornstarch material), cellulose or elephant grass, they do not meet our needs for a variety of reasons. Either they are not waterproof, a quality that we urgently need for the Fruit Balls. They would have to be coated with plastic, which in turn produces a composite. These are almost impossible to recycle and thus are not right for us. Incidentally, the same is true for cardboard which one would also have to coat. Another reason why some materials could not be chosen is that they have a certain smell that makes them not suitable for food.
    You can of course use biodegradable plastic alternatives. But there is one major downside. If you do have a compost where materials disintegrate after about 90 days, you cannot really recycle them. Organic garbage usually must decompose in factories within about a shorter period (often 45 days). So, unfortunately, the biodegradable materials are not composted in time. Therefore, you have to throw it in the normal plastic waste and the advantage is gone.

In summary, the subject of packaging waste is important to us. A lot is happening right now. Partially due the media coverage and, above all, the demand from all of us. Thus, almost all manufacturers of packaging materials are developing sustainable solutions. Maybe there will be a breakthrough soon. And we stay tuned and will continue to pack as sustainably as possible.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer nutritious snacks for the whole family that taste delicious and are healthy. In a practical and convenient way.

In today’s fast-moving society, healthy snacks are not always easy to find. Fresh fruit is available everywhere, but unfortunately it is not always practical. Fruit often needs to be refrigerated, it may be crushed in the bag and leave ugly marks. And especially children prefer their fruit peeled. So, you have to get a knife and a plate. And what to do with the bowls?

If you are looking for a fast and convenient and still tasty and healthy snack, look no further than Yammbits.

Yammbits fruit snacks turn the essence of the fresh fruit into a taste experience – without added sugars.

With Yammbits, Alenion is committed to making healthy eating easier.

We are transparent towards our consumers and sustainable towards the environment.

Where to find us

Of course you can buy our Yammbits Fruit Balls here in our Webshop.

Additionally you can find us in selected REWE stores and hopefully very soon everywhere!