Healthy snacks when trying to lose weight

There are people for whom eating is pure food intake. And there are people for whom eating is pure pleasure. And then there are people who simply like to eat. This can lead to unwelcome weight gain, and subsequently the need for weight loss. So far so good.

In order to lose weight, apart from physical activity, a proper diet is required.

Eating is important. Simply eating less may lead to weight loss in the short term, but it is not sustainable. The body recovers its lost reserves as soon as the food intake returns to normal.

So, the only way is to change one’s diet. And that includes choosing the right snack between meals. Snacks are recommended by nutrition experts. It is better to divide the daily calorie intake into many small meals than a few large ones. This way, the metabolism keeps busy and burns more calories in total.

So it is time for a snack, a healthy alternative to gummy bears, chocolate bars or other sweets. Of course, there are dried fruits such as prunes, raisins or nuts, but these healthy snacks usually do not satisfy the craving for a treat. Unfortunately it is not easy to find the balance between healthy and delicious.

Or is it?

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