Yammbits Fruit Balls

Eating fruits becomes awesome!
Yammbits Fruit Balls are tasty, little balls made of organic fruits.
Convenient, no messy stains, perfect to go.

Fresh fruits are a great snack but they are not always convenient.
That’s why we reinvent eating fruits!
Yammbits Fruit Balls are juicy, vegan, gluten- and lactose free.
They contain cashew puree instead of palm oil.
Perfect during your workout, for the office or your friends.
Be a part of our fruit revolution.
Fruit Balls come in three flavors: Amazing Apricot-Mango, Cool Coconut-Aronia and Pasionate Pomegranate-Cassis-Raspberry.
And the packaging tray is made of 80% recycled plastic.

Fruit Balls
Amazing Apricot-Mango

The apricot is the centerpiece and the mango swirls around it with its delicate aroma.

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Fruit Balls
Cool Coconut-Aronia

Sweet and mild coconut meets cool-dry aronia berry. A match made in heaven.

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Fruit Balls
Passionate Pomegranate-Cassis-Raspberry

Pomegranate, blackcurrant and raspberry. Pure passion in red.

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Our Inspiration

We started with product development in our own kitchen in Greece. We realized at some point that, even though it is really fun to use different types of fruit to mix and cook different recipes with, we wanted to take our food production to the next level by collaborating with the Institute for Food Technology of a renowned German university.

And as chance has it, we made another exciting contact and met our producer. He is an experienced and professional manufacturer of organic food from Germany and we have now developed the final recipes of our Yammbits Fruit Balls.

We assure you that everything is 100% organic fruit.

100% fruit, by implication, means 0% additives. No sugars or other sweeteners added, no artificial aromas, preservatives or gelling agents. So, our fruit snacks are naturally vegan and gluten-free.

Try it yourself, you will taste Greek passion, university research spirit and experienced production in a ball.