About Us

We, Alenion, are a company that offers healthy and delicious snacks. We are passionate about what we do and adhere to the highest standards of quality.

Our vision is to offer nutritious snacks for the whole family that simply taste good and are healthy. In a practical and convenient way.

For us, there is no compromise between taste and quality: Our fruit strips are produced using only high quality fruit from sustainable cultivation in Greece .

Our Fruit Strips

A convenient snack in between meals.
At home or at work.
When playing sports or traveling.
In your cereal, yogurt or salad.
Also perfect as a snack for kids.
Fruit Strips
Cheerful Cherry-Grape

The cherry plays first fiddle, accompanied by the grape in the background: a symphony of harmony!

Fruit Strips
Stylish Strawberry-Apple

The juicy, delicate strawberry meets the strong, sweet and sour apple. A connection which just clicked!

Fruit Strips
Amazing Apricot-Orange

Here, the apricot is the focus and the orange swirls around it with its delicate aroma.

Fruit Strips
Fabulous Fruitymix

With Cherry-Grape, Strawberry-Apple and Apricot-Orange – for all those who just can’t decide!

Our Health Blog

Here you can find our news and other interesting bits and pieces of information
  • For many companies, the ISM trade fair is a must. For Yammbits, it represents their first big stage and their first contact with the audience. We would be happy to welcome you at booth L033 in hall 5.2.

  • Many products designed for children contain too much sugar. Care must be taken with children's eating habits, because the foundation for a healthy nutritional awareness is laid in childhood.

  • When trying to change their diet in order to achieve long-lasting weight loss, many stumble over the problem of snacks. They are important and are also recommended, but how do you find a snack that is both delicious and healthy?